moongate chinese medicine


Offering support through all stages of life, utilizing aspects of Chinese and Taoist medicine for your healing.  A treatment session may include: acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, moxibustion, nutritional guidance, qigong tuina  therapy (no needles), qigong instruction, and/or essential oils.

Treatments address physical, emotional and spiritual disharmony.  Disharmony may present in a variety of ways from pain, gynecological issues, digestive symptoms, emotional instability, to feelings of disconnection.

Polly treats a wide variety of disharmonies and creates a safe space for your healing. She offers support for those in transition or seeking new perspectives by providing educational tools for living in harmony.

Polly Maliongas

MAcOM, Dipl. OM, LAc,

Master Healing Qigong Teacher


Chinese Medical Healing Sessions

Taoist Medical Qigong TuiNa Healing Sessions

Group or Private Qigong Classes

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Day, Evening and some weekend

Appointments available


Entheos Wellness Center

419 Center St. #203

Oregon City, OR 97045

mailing address:

PO Box 951

Oregon City, OR 97045

students, people on disability or otherwise financially challenged: reduced fees are available for those who really need it, please ask.


offering another perspective in your health & Wellness